Rask is a tongue-tied half-orc rogue who prefers sneaking around and archery. He’s tall, thin, gray-skinned, and goes out of his way to make sure people think the worst of him. He puts healers on a pedestal because his life was saved as a youth by healers.


Born in a slum to half-Orc parents, I was sickly from a young age. I avoided trouble by staying in the shadow and remaining watchful, always. After my parents were rounded up in a standard raid on the slums and imprisoned for colluding with criminals, I fell badly ill. At death’s door, I was taken in by the healers of the Wellspring, a charitable hospital. The healers there became my second family. I was in the Wellspring for over a year before I was back on my feet. When I got out, I had honed my mind and learned nimbleness and archery. I went to find my parents, only to find my mother dead, and my father dying without ever being brought to trial. That sealed my antipathy for the rule of the land, and I began to work as a bow for hire, bringing silent, feathered death to the corrupt highborn and violent criminals who had crossed anyone with coin.

Rask would have grown up in Gloriana and never left it before Jonah came along.


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